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Chubby Cheeks Dolls

Our Chubby Cheeks baby dolls are our pride and joy. In today’s modern world, Chubby Cheeks are practically an artisanal, handcrafted product of an outstanding quality. They are made in Onil, a small 7,800-people town in Eastern Spain where generation after generation, most of its people have worked in the toy industry. Many have relocated their production to other parts of the world, and few have kept the traditional manufacturing process. Mon del Nugol is one of those few, and Chubby Cheeks is fantastic example of their love and dedication for quality toys and dolls. By purchasing a Chubby Cheeks doll, you are not only helping kids with cancer, you are also helping keeping the tradition alive and providing work and employment to this fantastic community.


It all started as our founder’s Capstone project for her MBA studies in Boston, MA in 2015. While some of her colleagues opened different for profit businesses, she wanted to make her project really count, she wanted to help.

Inspired by someone very close to them, she and her husband decided that childhood cancer was not being fought fairly and strongly enough and decided to start the One Child One Smile Foundation, not only as a successful and challenging capstone project, but much more than that. It had become a very personal and emotional project that they wanted to take way beyond the capstone. They wanted to take it to real life, raise real money to help real kids.

About Us

At One Child One Smile we are determined to fight the battle against childhood cancer. The net proceeds of all our programs will be destined to support childhood cancer related causes like donating part of our profits to entities that invest on childhood cancer research and treatment, creating programs to make cancer patients’ hospitalization period more enjoyable and helping families in need to get the childhood cancer treatment they deserve. We at One Child One Smile cannot think of a better way of using the money we raise. Invest in children, invest in future.

Your Donation Makes a Difference!

Imagine a child growing up happy and full of life. Now imagine the child has been diagnosed with cancer. Imagine the pain of the family and the fear of the child as they go through multiple treatments. They don’t get to enjoy the outdoors with their friends, they don’t attend school regularly, they struggle to be healthy. Now imagine a world without cancer. Imagine all children are free to live their childhood without the threat of illness. Your donation makes a difference in attaining this future. The support we receive from donors goes directly to children’s cancer research. Show children you stand with them.